We represent a broad media industry

We help build the success of the Finnish media industry by strengthening the competitiveness of the industry and our members’ operating conditions.

Our member companies promote freedom of speech, Finnish culture and democracy by producing quality Finnish media products and services across all channels.

Our core task is to ensure that private media companies have a level playing field and a fair starting point for competition with international giants and other Finnish actors. The most important way for us to achieve our goal is to influence the regulation of the industry and the signing of competitive terms of employment.

The Finnish Media Federation and our member associations – the Finnish Periodical Publishers' Association, the Federation of the Printing Industry in Finland, The Finnish Newspapers Association and the Finnish Book Publishers Association – include a total of nearly 700 member companies, which employ about 20,000 people. The total turnover of the industry is 4.3 billion euros.

The Finnish Periodical Publishers' Association is a forum for cooperation between magazine publishing companies and publishers, whose 271 members publish 473 different magazines or electronic publications. The association is represented by public magazines, trade and organisational magazines and customer magazines.

The Federation of the Printing Industry in Finland is an industrial policy interest organisation for printing houses and production companies in the graphic industry. In addition to advocacy, the association works to improve the operating conditions for member companies, as well as their competitiveness, cooperation and know-how.

The Finnish Newspapers Association is a trade association for newspaper and city newspaper publishers. The association's task is to strengthen the social significance and vitality of multichannel-based newpspaper media and its position as a leading media for advertisers and readers, as well as its position in people's daily life.

The Finnish Book Publishers Association is a cooperation and advocacy organisation for Finnish book publishers. The association's mission is to support its members by developing the operating conditions of the publishing industry.

In addition, we work closely with the Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland concerning industry-related research and development activities.