Competitive terms of employment and quality member services

A thriving media industry needs terms of employment that have been planned for a modern operating environment.

Close to 700 companies operate in the Finnish media industry, employing about 20,000 people and generating an annual turnover of 4.3 billion euros. A functional labour market requires terms of employment that take into account the changes in the industry and the new competitive situation. Our objective is an environment that is competitive for businesses and attractive to professionals.

  • We consult with our members on all matters relating to labour relations.

  • We negotiate disputes.

  • We develop terms of employment in the industry and sign collective agreements.

  • We maintain a comprehensive extranet site dedicated to labour market issues.

  • Our members decide upon the contents of the advocacy of employer policy.
We sign collective agreements in the industry

The Finnish Media Federation signs collective agreements concerning private media, printing, and distribution activities. The generally binding collective agreements define the minimum terms of employment that all companies in the industry must adhere to.

The collective agreements contain an industrial peace obligation to safeguard the smooth operations of member companies during the validity of the collective agreements. Under the collective agreements of the industry, industrial peace is absolute. In addition, support and sympathy strikes are prohibited during the validity of an agreement. Only member companies of the federation are included within the scope of industrial peace.

Our member services are our core task

We advise our member companies in all employer matters. Our labour market lawyers serve our member companies reliably and professionally in matters concerning labour legislation, collective agreements, local bargaining and other employment issues, as well as in change processes.

In addition to phone and email advice, the employment information bank included in our online member services offers support to management and HR personnel. The bank contains comprehensive information on terms of employment and labour legislation. We also publish various guides, some of which have been drawn up in cooperation with trade unions.

The services and expertise of the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK are also directly available to the federation’s member companies.

Tailored courses in problem situations

For our members, we organise up-to-date courses on collective agreements and labour legislation, as general courses or tailored to the needs of the member companies, as well as in co-operation with trade unions.

Our course can also be used to coach new supervisors, to look for or adopt new practices or to improve co-operation between company and staff representatives.

We provide information on current labour market issues on our member pages, as well as in our regular labour market newsletter.