We assist in building a successful media industry

The Finnish Media Federation is an advocacy organisation for private companies in the media and printing industries. We focus our advocacy on industrial policy and labour market policies. We also promote new growth in the media industry.

Together, we can influence the operating conditions of a socially important industry. Our member companies promote freedom of speech, Finnish culture and democracy by producing quality media products and services for Finns.

Our experts influence, communicate and train our members. They also provide advice and consultancy, as well as collect and analyse industry information. We regularly publish a bulletin on economic trends in the industry and media industry outlooks.

Our objective is to create a legal environment and competitive terms of employment that enable growth and development of the renewing and developing media industry. One of our core tasks is to deliver quality member services that can be relied on.

We assist our members in the interpretation of legislation

We have concluded collective agreements for six different personnel categories in the media industry, of which, among others, collective agreements for book employees and editorial staff are generally binding.

Our experts assist and advise members in the interpretation of labour and social legislation, as well as the interpretation of collective agreements, in addition to copyright and communication legislation matters. If necessary, we can solve interpretation disputes concerning labour legislation between organisations.

All our member companies are entitled to our advocacy of industrial policy and employer policies, as well as to our advisory service. Our members also have access to the expertise and services of the Confederation of Finnish Industries, such as their extranet service.

We create conditions for new growth

Through digitalisation, the operating field for media companies has become more varied. Almost all our largest member companies have business operations in several of the sectors of our member associations, and increasingly, also outside of these.

We encourage companies in the media industry to renew themselves. To support corporate growth, development and networking, we publish research and statistical data on the industry, as well as arrange various events and seminars. In addition, we work closely with Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland on technological, research and development issues in the industry.

Our objective is to make the media industry known as a significant, renewable and growth-oriented industry of the future.